Gold in pockets, air tart cider, Autumn packaged and gifted for the nose and cheeks and senses, but softly too the heart.

To be honest, it wasn't a good day.


Without recapping the humanity of every individual, I'll leave it at the fact that overall it needed a magic eraser. And not just for several tangible items, but our spirits and mouths as well.


Yes, I could relay the white sunshine, the crisp of colors and pumpkin skin, the dimpled hand holding and exploring amongst dust and stalks and nature's healing,
but when it comes down to it, truth be told, when I look back at these pictures, I'll know the truth.
allisoncorrinphotographyinkansascity_0305 I'll remember it as one of the days that wasn't simply gifted to make us happy, but, rather, within the containment of challenges, sifting through the muck and murk of reality, was a greater lesson of refinement and character.
 In fact, I found myself thumb swiping, reminiscing through frames of our everyday recently.
It reminded me of the same. I saw just nineteen, twenty months ago, my belly round as it is now again. I remembered the aches that faded between now and then and now again dictate so much of my day.
But then I saw my eyes after a sleepless night and the agony of labor, cheekbones nonexistent after nine months of indulgence and IV fluids filled them as I held the one who was worth it all.
I see squares of messes laid out in various rooms, beds unmade, sprawling children,
I remember the frustration of growing pains as we've navigated learning to walk, and then learning to obey, learning to talk, and then learning to speak with kindness, learning to play, and then learning to forgive.
Yes, these squares of light and shadows, all perfectly aligned in a grid, they don't tell it all of course.
Life is never that neat. And the shutter of my camera opening and closing at my fingertip, will never contain the fullness of moments lived.
But for me, I was reminded of the calling I feel to document our dailies, our seasons.
I believe it grows gratitude and it awakens wonder, but even more, it keeps my humility present.
These frames,
they remind me subtly, simply, sweetly, that, one valley to mountaintop to valley at a time,
step by step, our stories are being threaded together by an Omniscient Author
who is carefully weaving His tender grace and unparalleled provision through every season
for our good.

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