I will never forget when they handed him to me.I knew he would be a boy, but to know I had a son, my heart was humbled, slain. I had never known anything like it.

Then, just three years ago he was so squeezable and soft; we celebrated him in joy. And, like I do, I wrote for him that day, dreaming for him that day,


"You’re just one, our son,

but what we dream for you,

is great.

What we dream for you is

for you to fulfill nothing less than what you were designed, formed,

intricately purposed for

from the time began.

There’s a place for you, son, no, not just a place,

but a divine niche carefully etched out for you, that you’ll meet and fit and be meant for.


Perhaps your path will be smooth, a direction clear and illuminated by great domino successes.

But, more likely, perhaps,

as it seems many men with great dreams must journey through,

your pilgrimage will be full of competing, illusive decisions, darkened corners that you must wait in, seemingly stagnant, for seasons.

And so, my son, you’ll wait, and you’ll wrestle, desiring more, needing more, craving more than, at times, at that moment, this life has to offer.

May Greater Strength carry you then.

The strength we have prayed for since we knew of you.

The strength of brave inventors, untamed adventurers, persevering scholars, dedicated visionaries.

The strength of great, loyal men, faithful husbands, sacrificing fathers.

Wise men who face failures and defeat but continue in strength,

fulfilled by nothing less than the One alone who gives strength, who is strength."

And, now Tristan Michael, you are four,


and just that much more full of vision, full of life.

You see beauty, and you create,

but you are a crafted handiwork,


His masterpiece.

Happy birthday, son.


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