Somehow August sneaks up on me every year.Buried under greasy sunscreen and gathering wet towels and losing goggles and back to school commercials jingling my way, every year I find myself scrambling for celebratory plans when it comes to birthday week. Three days in a row of birthdays.

Mine followed by our little J followed by my hubs.

This year was no different.


So when my little sis invited us for a birthday tea for her soon to be three year old princess,


whose birthday just happens to be the day before our little J's,

I did a mommy-no-no.


I asked her if we could call it his party as well.

Embarrassing? Yes. Shameful? Yes. Necessary to alleviate the mom guilt of neglecting any other plans for my son, even for just a moment? Yes.

However, understanding and gracious as she is, she quickly deemed it a "princess and superhero" event. And all was right and celebratory in the world.


And so, nine children dined on fine china last week.teaparty_0006

teaparty_0007 teaparty_0008 teaparty_0009

Brunched around a bouquet of flowers, in fact. teaparty_0010

And, under maximum supervision,teaparty_0011

minimal mishaps occurred.teaparty_0012

So when it came to candles,teaparty_0013

there's really not much more we could wish for.teaparty_0014

Because in the fullness of noise and toddlers underfoot,teaparty_0015

stories are being written by the day,teaparty_0016teaparty_0017 teaparty_0018 teaparty_0019 teaparty_0020 teaparty_0021 teaparty_0022and our vibrant, enthusiastic, affectionate, contagious little J


is now three.

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