These first days of new.There's something sacred in the vulnerability.

allisoncorrinphotography_0050Treasures tucked sweetly in the tender.allisoncorrinphotography_0051

Nights run into days and days into night allisoncorrinphotography_0052

and it all swirls together in one sort of dreamy blur


of moments and memories my momma heart savors and tucks away.


Not to say the hours aren't long. Because the work is endless, and messy and loud allisoncorrinphotography_0055

and wearing.

allisoncorrinphotography_0056But I've heard it said once, "You work for the years you will not see.


You work for the Eternal.

allisoncorrinphotography_0058So it is all worthwhile."


And, as daunting as it feels sometimes, "It is great to be faced with the impossible, for nothing is impossible if one is meant to do it. Wisdom will be given, and strength. When the Lord leads, He always strengthens." -Amy Charmichael

So with joy pressed down and shaken up and overflowing, we are embracing the fullness of this delightfully tender season.

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