The way we began the first half of twenty sixteen.

“The one thing I ask of the Lord--the thing I seek most - is to dwell in the house of the LORD and behold all of His beauty.”Psalm 27.

Photography is defined as writing with light.


Setting our gaze, studying where it flickers, where it gleams, where it dances, where it hides. Writing, recording, between and around and within the settling shadows.


Because, really, the shadows are what shape and give form to the light. 


Because sometimes the shadows are simply the general whirlwind otherwise entitled life.


Because, the last five months have held a whirlwind. And from welcoming our baby number five (here), to welcoming my niece (here) and nephew (here), to major job changes to the Freely Given campaign (here) to photography workshops and conferences (here), baby showers (here), three birthdays (here) , finishing our homeschooling year and then selling our home and moving last month, we’re not just still figuring out what seven looks like on us but sometimes still shaking our head and wondering what happened to the first half of twenty sixteen.








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So in this all, with blank walls and boxes still full and things to be located and new routines to be learned, 


we expose for the light.

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