The white sand trip where we packed us all seven up to get away and breathe color and life together.

Art is our way of brushing off the dust of our daily life off of our souls -Picasso 

It's not that it's really a "break" traveling with the seven of us, the majority being under seven years old. We're still changing diapers and answering questions and adjusting attitudes and in some ways, it often feels like more work than normal life. And it's not even that it's even about making sure our children "see the world" or check off some proverbial bucket list of experiences. This trip, instead, has simply been a chance to quiet a little of the outside noise, slow a few of the busy distractions and hunker down to focus in and figure out this whole "family" thing, breathing in "us", who we are and who we want to be, to become. And in all of this, in all of the crazy, loud, imperfection, in all of the stories, well, it all makes for some really beautiful memories along the way.

And so, I went to document it, and just as I did last year I found myself caught up in how precious the daily life moments were, too easily looked over, brushed past. It wasn't that they were all perfect. Far from it. In fact, the amount of grace and forgiveness required in each day far outweighed the humor. Which is normal for us. Because in my opinion, close proximity is often the most effective tool to revealing character. Plus add to it all a late night flight, a time change, a teething babe, expectations...marriage... and, well, we've all been there. Yes, this was all experienced and still I clicked away. Because, for me, photography, it takes it all, the trial, the inspiration, the work, the light,  it takes it all into itself and then exhales, always, in thanksgiving. Because now we're on the other side, already missing the quiet roar of the waves. And, this breath away along with the ritual of the making after it's passed, it's all a gift to me, and hopefully to those who share my space, my blood, my life. But greater than that, for us, it's yet another reminder to truly unveil the eye and dust off the heart and choose to see all the tedious, mundane instances as gorgeous artifacts of this beautiful life.





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