A few months ago we'd been just the two of us, stolen away for a time of refreshment, renewal but found ourselves left dreaming of taking the ones we'd made back together to the place that made our heart sing.But it couldn't happen without strategy. Considering the needs and weight of each wiggly bottom and curious questions. Planning the pairings for the airplane ride, filling stroller tires for much walking and little touching.

And it was adventure from the beginning. We were prepared for that. We had been counting down to that.

And still, we found ourselves in late night discussion about halfway through. Reminding ourself of the value of the journey, not merely the destination. Reminding ourselves to slow down to the pace of strides half our size in order to truly broaden our perspective. Reminding ourselves that marveling at the sights along the way is where fascination meets imagination. Reminding ourselves that when firsts are breathed with gratitude, wide eyed wonder is a divine kiss.

It’s not easy for our personalities. 

But it quickly became the theme, a lesson for not just those waist high, but for our hearts as well. And, really, the timing of it all was remarkable. It's usually how God works. Because up until that discussion, barring all normal encounters traveling through naptimes and timezones with four six and under, all had gone smoothly. But then, through dark morning hours, one sick baby was consoled by nestling a snotty nose in the space between my arm and expanding side, burying herself where she once grew. The next day held little relief, only worsening, labored breathing, so adventure was found in finding what she needed. And when disappointed children could have complained, their daddy, my love, reminded them, reminded us, that this is exactly why vacations are had, to remember what family is about. It’s a privilege to take time away, and a blessing to be together.

Living in the closer space of each other. So our time away was spent sharing finding rainbows, even doubles after unforeseen rain clouds. Because it wasn't that it was smooth, without glitch or complication, frustration, harsh word or wounding moments. We have plenty of those, daily.

But once again, I was humbled by the divine reminder that beauty is found in perspective. And choosing that joy brings only reward. And oh how I've been blessed.

Seeing the man who I’ve watched dream for a decade, now strap a baby on his back and own it as adventure. Getting to know him even more than I did before. Admiring who he is and the children he's fathering in every moment. Watching them grow as he guides, watching them explore the fullness of who they've been created to be. And falling in love with the nuances, the essences of those who I'm even more humbled to call, my family.vacation_0001 vacation_0002 vacation_0003 vacation_0004 vacation_0005 vacation_0006 vacation_0007 vacation_0008 vacation_0009 vacation_0010 vacation_0011 vacation_0012 vacation_0013 vacation_0014 vacation_0015 vacation_0016 vacation_0017 vacation_0018 vacation_0019 vacation_0021 vacation_0022 vacation_0023 vacation_0024 vacation_0025 vacation_0026 vacation_0027 vacation_0028 vacation_0029 vacation_0030 vacation_0031 vacation_0032 vacation_0033 vacation_0034 vacation_0035 vacation_0036 vacation_0037 vacation_0038 vacation_0039 vacation_0040

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