I have fond memories of the same neon diner sign from my own childhood...


jukebox selections and sky high milkshakes,kansascityphotographer_0002

and grease and salt and ketchup. kansascityphotographer_0003

We met up again there last night, kansascityphotographer_0004

to celebrate a cousin turning five.kansascityphotographer_0005

Slid into slick vinyl booths, kansascityphotographer_0006

pulled out menus that haven't changedkansascityphotographer_0007

and began to fill the worn carpet aisles with noisekansascityphotographer_0008

and squirmskansascityphotographer_0009

and enthusiasm.kansascityphotographer_0010

The old place didn't know what hit it.kansascityphotographer_0011

But we were good for it, kansascityphotographer_0012

I think.kansascityphotographer_0013

Because while our grey hairs are increasing, kansascityphotographer_0014

the tribe is expanding, kansascityphotographer_0015

and little souls, little spirits, little hearts


are growing into great big peoplekansascityphotographer_0017

with great big personalitieskansascityphotographer_0018

who are going to dokansascityphotographer_0019

great big things.kansascityphotographer_0020

And they'll have kansascityphotographer_0021

some great big memorieskansascityphotographer_0022 from along the way.


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