Elizabeth + Modern Makers. Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer.

A love. A passion. A community.

Elizabeth is one of the few in life who finds herself not just immersed in but making her way in life doing what she loves. She says herself that she would have never dreamed to find herself standing where she is, surrounded by the promise of colors yet to be created and yet still a voice in this revival of an art treasured for years and years before her.

She tells her story, memoirs of a heart's desires with passion carrying her words beyond just dialogue, but rather, an almost spiritual testimony to the beauty that can be found in creating with ones own hands.

Her children play quietly around her, coming over periodically for a hug, a lean, a quiet hair tousle from their mother, watching her, working alongside her. Elizabeth's space is welcoming even to the smallest of artist hands, crayons for busy fingers, light streaming in to a tented refuge, the ground softened by a vibrant crafted quilt. It's a beautiful thing watching the history of making carry generations from one to the next with the sole purpose being to equip and inspire.

See, what began as Elizabeth's vision of nurturing creatives in love with the age old craft of quilting and sewing, a simple home for threads and yarns has blossomed into a movement, a launching pad for supporting women across this trade, the designers, the hobbyists, the experts, the amateurs, the dreamers, the makers. It's a modern space rich with beauty for those aspiring to learn alongside those seeking peaceful projects for busy fingers alongside those simply seeking community in other artistic souls. Classes, materials, partnership, research, time, it's all woven so perfectly, so inspirational within this space,

Modern Makers.

This series is in partnership with the Kansas City Moms Blog featuring Kansas City entrepreneur mothers. See more from the series here.

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