Morgan + Carrie + Ampersand Design Studio. Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer.

Bursting with vibrancy, life in fullest color.

Meet Morgan + Carrie, two friends who have conquered college, corporate jobs and now venturing out on their own, starting and thriving in what they do best - coloring the world around them. As a mom myself, I understand so deeply the constant pull of mother versus business woman, the delicate balance of who you love and what you love. I asked them recently what they feel is their greatest success, what keeps them going and the sincere enthusiasm in their response was contagious!

"We feel the most energized by knowing that we have people supporting us, following along with our journey who like what we're putting out there. We feel a sense of success when what we create, whether it's our products, blog posts or identity work for clients, makes someone happy. We love thinking about fabric being sewn into something special or our art prints hanging on someone's wall making them smile each day. We feel so fortunate to have a community of people cheering us on and purchasing our products so we can keep doing what we love."

Here is more about them in their own words:

"Ampersand Design Studio is a small design firm specializing in graphic design & pattern design. Our graphic design work ranges from full identity concepts to packaging design. Our pattern and illustration work is the largest part of our business. We license this artwork to other companies such as Tiny Prints, Oopsy Daisy, Windham Fabrics, and TeNeues for application on their products such as stationery, textiles and home decor. We also have a shop where we sell a small range of products we've designed including iphone cases, melamine platters and limited edition screen prints. In addition to the design studio and shop, we also have a lifestyle blog where we share anything and everything that inspires us from a great color palette, to beautiful interior design, to DIY kids projects. We hope that we have a unique style that sets us apart from our competitors. We love what we do and we think that is reflected in our work with a hint of fun and playfulness in our designs!  We've never met a color we didn't like!

Finessing color palettes is always one of our favorite parts of each design. We love fresh, bold color combinations. Because there are two of us, we feel like the combination of our two perspectives strengthens our work. The merging of our different strengths is what makes our style our own!"

I then asked them about the balance they seek in their lives - embracing their role as mother while creating and running an amazing, thriving, creative business.

"Balance is tricky. Neither of us would say our lives are in perfect balance and have even started wondering if there is a such thing? We suppose it's something we will continue to strive for.

We do our best to be present with whatever we are doing. If we are with our children, to really focus on them. If we are at work, to truly focus on the tasks that need to get completed. But there are days, many of them, where that isn't always possible. Some days that we are home with kids, a client calls and one of us will need to take the call so we're forced to let the kids watch a 30 minute tv show. We feel guilty about those moments for sure. Then the same can happen at work. We can plan to have this full 8-hour day of constant work planned but then get a phone call that a nanny can't make it that day and it completely throws off our schedule. We basically wish we could clone ourselves because there are many times we feel guilty working when we want to be able to be with our kids and husbands and vice-versa. Just like everyone these days, we don't feel like there can ever be enough hours to do everything we want to. So many things in our personal lives have taken the hit. We don't get to spend as much time with friends as we'd like, we don't exercise enough, even relaxing time with our husbands is often sacrificed. We realize, though, that our kids won't be young forever so we've just kind of resolved that it's going to be crazy like this for a few years. We are examining things more closely now though, weighing what is the best use of our time in our business. We're finally learning to say no to jobs we would love to do, but that would take more hours than we have available or that aren't in line with our brand goals.

So basically, we are starting to think "balance" is a myth, but one we'll keep striving for!"

These two are dynamic and beautiful, not only in who they are, but what they create.

See the first part of this feature on the Kansas City Moms Blog here. See more of their work here.

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