Avery + Graduating. Kansas City Senior Photographer.


A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people. 

Annie Leibovitz

I've shared before the song my heart sings when I find myself lost behind a lens.

It's one unparalleled as it has become for me a way to still the surrounding noise, study the shifting shadows and dancing sun, the glory so often passed by unfolding more fully the more intently I watch.

But even more, it's become a way to speak. A language to explain the beauty I see in front of me, a language to express the strength, the shine, the appreciation for those who have allowed me the glimpses of their lives, shared their stories, their passions, their dreams.

A language to  tell this young woman just how remarkable her confidence, her steadiness, her independence is. A voice to share that though the tides ahead will change and the years in front of her will continue with their challenges, their ups and downs and twists and turns I have no doubt that she will, as she has thus far, with steady stride, taken it all one step at a time, living fully present in each moment, remain strong, remain brilliant, and inspire.

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