Betsy + Swim Zip. Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer.

“When it comes down to it,” She paused. “I always think to myself, what would I want my Andy in.” She explained her vision simply as she ran fingers through his bangs and brought him in closer to the brother she held within. He climbed down, running back and forth as we shared our common struggles and goals, balancing motherhood and ambitions. The more we talked, the more clear it became how deeply this driving conviction ran through her, how firmly the venture was rooted. After all, it doesn’t get much more personal than the way SwimZip began. Diagnosed with skin cancer at age 26, she made it a mission to make protection for others not only simple, but appealing. Now, the stories are spreading, and, eight months pregnant, her life is only getting busier. US Weekly, People Magazine, the TODAY Show, KC Source Link Annual report, Shark Tank, CupCakeMag, Red Tri, Project Nursery and the Kansas City Moms Blog are only a few of those catching wind of her.

Humbled, I asked her how she balanced it all. She didn’t hesitate. “I surround myself with people who want me to succeed.” Here it was, the secret, the truth behind the drive. I asked her to repeat what she just said.

“Well, there are many that want to work with me. There are many different directions I could go. But, if I’m going to go far, I surround myself with people who are pulling for me, who want me to succeed.”

And she’s right, in an entrepreneurial world, self-seeking, defensive, competitive presences are everywhere. But, when it comes down to it, even more than her ingenuitive creations, her eye-catching designs, and her on-trend combination of the two, her confidence shines. Through competing choices and difficult decisions, her focus is steady. And in reality, this was the whole idea behind my draw to local momprenuers; I wanted to know their secret. See, we as mothers all find ourselves pulled every which way in efforts, energy and emotion, and, in a world, a generation full of technology and new ideas and risk takers, it would be easy to get lost in the newest announcements. Yet, we have one difference, we are mothers. And, fierce and fighting, the desire within is elevated and thus births an innate need to better our worlds for our children. Meet Betsy Johnson of SwimZip.

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