Clint + Jennifer + Their Love Story. Kansas City Wedding Photographer.

"We do not merely wish to see beauty, we want something else which can hardly be put into words- to be united with the beauty we see, to pass into it, to receive it into ourselves, to become a part of it."-CS Lewis.

 What is it about these days of flowers and white that invites us in, body and soul? Could it be that we gather beckoned by whispers of something greater?  Two unique individuals embracing life to be lived as one. Not to forgo the differences intricately formed within themselves, but for the sake of unity, setting their gaze on honor for the sake of the one they choose. Is it the promise that softens the heart and stills the spirit? Is it the laughter that melts layers of callous of those weathered, renewing with delight? Is it the tender hope that gently spurs tears to brim? Could it be that this is what we long for, what we delight in, what we sense in these days, what draws us in, far, near, grayed, and youth alike? Could it be that it's not the formalities or the adornment, but that these, even the most elaborate, serve as comparatively simple, tangible representations of  a beauty beyond ourselves? And not just that this beauty has come to fruition on this day, but that it has been birthed to be guarded with all vigilance, nurtured with all dedication and thus has been born to blossom and become even more than one could ever be alone. This is what I believe. And with this sincere appreciation, this is the story of the beauty of Clint + Jennifer's day. See the beginning of their love and their engagement session from Allison Corrin Photography here.

Many thanks and love to my second shooter, Kami Van Slyke, for her talent, assistance and friendship.



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