Before and After the CAPTURE workshop.

As mentioned in previous posts here, the first installment in my CULTIVATE photography series is designed to simplify the process of creating beautiful photographs by instructing women how to use their DSLR cameras in manual mode. However, the CAPTURE workshop is so much more than just that. Our time together is spent inspiring the eye, nourishing the spirit and cultivating creativity.

Staying in touch and continuing to nurture the growth and passion in our private online forum builds community as we all learn from each other in our pursuits. And thus, featuring the following "before and after" photographs from a few CAPTURE participants is the greatest joy. In each of the following collages, the top photo is before the artist attended the CAPTURE workshop, and the bottom is afterwards. Please contact for more questions on how you can participate in the next CAPTURE workshop on July 10th.


Photo Credit: Whitney Summerskansascityphotographyworkshop_0002

Photo Credit: Sarah Lopez kansascityphotographyworkshop_0003

Photo Credit: Madie Plymellkansascityphotographyworkshop_0004

Photo Credit: Katy Avila kansascityphotographyworkshop_0005

Photo Credit: Ashley Landis kansascityphotographyworkshop_0006

Photo Credit: Carrie Roth kansascityphotographyworkshop_0007

Photo Credit: Bailey Dyer  kansascityphotographyworkshop_0008

Photo Credit:  Jennifer Teegarden kansascityphotographyworkshop_0009

Photo Credit: Grace Grutter kansascityphotographyworkshop_0010

Photo Credit: Amy Reinecke  kansascityphotographyworkshop_0011

Photo Credit:  Brittnie Stevensen  kansascityphotographyworkshop_0012

Photo Credit: Meredith Dubill kansascityphotographyworkshop_0013

Photo Credit:  Sheetal Patel

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