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The golden evening in a quiet garden when Jed married his dearest Amelia.

Once again, I'm humbled to have been invited into another love story.But this time, I know and love and share the roots of it as well. Because growing up we’s so often spend Thanksgivings loud and crazy crammed in a farmhouse with so many people and just one bathroom and I'd hold baby Amelia and dream of being a mama someday. And then we'd celebrate Christmas under a little rainbow lit evergreen tree where the presents always, every year, extended feet beyond its diameter. And Jed’s three sisters and my sisters, and I would fawn over his blonde curls from the beginning and his mama, would simply tousle them giggling with us, "Oh, my buddy". And I remember the day toddling Amelia fell and my own dad pulled her up from murky lake waters, rescuing her from one of the many possible demises the countryland we explored so freely held. And then twenty years later when Jed was the rescuer as, the one we needed and called and faithfully he was there regardless of the midnight hours, handsome and humble, didn't even ask questions why, he was simply there for us. I've watched Amelia brilliant and radiant wear her homecoming queen crown. And Jed, always the scholar, always the artist, win debates and trophies and travel the world with his storytelling in words and film. These stories are only the tip of the iceberg of the memories we share, and they've always been told with laughter and gratitude on different sides but now, in a way orchestrated only in the most divine of ways, they'll be told together. Because a Hartley boy fell head over heels for a beautiful Gordon girl and together they've chosen to write their own story together. It won't be perfect, in the way that none of our stories are. They already know this. But watching the way he holds her and the way she finds comfort in him, and the way, they, unstoppable, face their lifetime as one, forever is what they want, forever is what they choose. Because it's the unseen moments, the tiny ones, the ones that fall in between the cracks, just under the radar. It's reaching out, and showing up and really just being there. It's the little choices that are the hardest choices, respect over resentment, sacrifice over selfishness. It's all these minuscule things that are actually quite monumental, the actual makings of this miracle. So Jed and Amelia, your day was beautiful, but my prayer is it all dims quickly in comparison to your extravagant generosity, tenderhearted forgiveness, humble devotion and resilient affection.

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A New Years Eve under candlelight and sparklers and strings of twinkle all for the night Jen and Brad became the Evans.

Here we standThe world awaitsWe'll let the stars tonightLight the wayHand in handThrough light or rainIt's your constant loveThat gives me strength

Under the starlightWe'll find our way, I knowThis is the start of something beautifulWith you by my sideThere's no place that we can't goThis is the start of something beautiful

When the windMoves along your faceIt captures everythingI long to saySo don't look back, loveAnd don't you waitJust say you'll run with me

-Something Beautiful, Tim Halperin

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