“Photography doesn’t look ahead for more or to the past in bittersweet longing. Rather, it chooses pause and engagement in the present. It brings attention to the now. It invites one to savor the simple, cherish the details, breathe the lovely, embrace the ordinary and live fully thankful.” -Allison Corrin


Because mothers need to see the sheen of the flame of the fire they're so fiercely living in, shining through as gold.

Because waking at dawn and walking the dog and bus stops and school drop-offs and going to the pool and cheering for soccer and shopping for groceries and baking the cookies and doing the laundry and bathing the baby and practicing the piano and pushing the playground swing and building the science projects and kissing goodnight,
your story, my story, motherhood's story
it's all the story of being faithful with entrusted souls.
And creating a capsule of sorts of one day from this year
might be a part of journaling the hard, the messy of what is incomplete now
and how it is made beautiful.
And this,

The Motherhood Project

may be my way of etching the words of your very own heart.

Please message me for more information on creating your own Motherhood Project film.